We offer support underwater, as well as in contaminated and enclosed airspaces:

Inspection and assessment:

·         making underwater videos and photos, with the help of special cameras

·         gathering date and assistance with topographical tasks for biological, hydrological, hydrogeological and topographic surveys

·         conducting test drills in a given ground, for the purpose of  geological checks, laboratory tests and analyses

·         problem identification and invention of resolution plans thereof, relating to wells and pipelines; environmental assessments, solidity and stability surveys

Instalment and maintenance

·         instalment of pipes and cables underwater and on ship routes

·         inspection and maintenance of hazardous substance storages and pipelines

·         maintenance of waterways (cleaning, dredging and reinforcement of shore protective systems)

·         repair of damaged ships, repair and replacement of ship screws

·         sludge removal, ventilation, maintenance and condition check for fuel supply systems

·         water removal, including the removal of unwanted water and fluids from construction areas and mines

Wrecking and cleaning

·         underwater metal and concrete structures

·         underwater and dry land wrecking of metal and concrete structures with the help of explosive technology

·         sludge and mud removal from storages, tanks and industrial sludge settling ponds

·         sludge removal from tanks

·         dredging


·         Underwater formwork and concrete pouring

·         construction of water flow controlling systems 

·         pillar and dam construction

·         underwater groundwork

·         construction of viaducts

·         design and implementation of shore protective systems

Salvaging and saving shipwrecks

·         salvaging of shipwrecks and water obstacles, objects hindering water transport

Other tasks, related to industrial diving:

·         troubleshooting

·         karst water wells, water well drilling, galleries, water supplies

·         wrecking, cutting and salvaging of metal structures

·         water exclusion

·         karst water wells, water well drilling, galleries, water supplies (eza sorazelőbb volt)

·         work in wastewater areas,  canals and in wastewater purifiers, work in the relics of wastewater management

·         construction tasks

·         wrecks, water obstacles, objects hindering watercourse

·         work in airspaces, inappropriate for breathing or with gas content

·         lifeguarding, securing events

·         hydrologic, hydrogeological, geodetic surveys, water quality assessment, data supply 

Water construction, drainage and water management

Our scope of activities include the support of modern, environment friendly industrial and agricultural factories and power plants, as well as providing for the needs within the improvement of regional area development and infrastructure of various settlements, within the full scope of water construction work.

BúvárKft, with its tens of yours experience often does the regular technical inspection and construction of water construction relics.This activity ensures continuous and secure operation of these old relics, as well as quick identification of any possible failure and economic performance of maintenance.

It is one of our main work areas to regularly or periodically cover the technical inspection of riverine dams, valley dams, water transport locks, small relics, crossing dams andwater construction relics of plants. The verification process usually consists of hydraulic, stability and material (condition and solidity) checks.

There are other special tasks, such as static survey, examination of leaking, condition check of water mechanical appliances, where the experts of BúvárKft can offer outstanding services, with reliable examination methods and processes.

BúvárKft. can manage utility works (waste water and rainwater drainage) in a complex and professional manner.

Apart from the above, our company also provides design and implementation related services, such us surface water drainage, flood protection and underground water drainage.

BúvárKft also undertakes general design and implementation of buildings, involving special expert designers, if required.

Our fields of expertise:

·         checking water dams

·         checking water plants

·         checking water plants

·         checking valley dams

·         checking water transport locks

·         survey of relics in heat plants

·         supply of cooling water in plants and water management of wastewater in plants

·         water management, flood protection

·         water management, drainage and utility construction, related to transport investments

·         preparing hydrology studies

·         water management of re-cultivated areas

·         water management, within city limits and in periphery areas

·         management of leats (small watercourses)

·         management of cutch water drains

·         Canal construction (drainage of waste water and rainwater)

·         review and instalment of canal suction pump houses


  1. Watercourse diver tasks:


The cleaning of watercourses

Our company’s main profile is to provide services, involving work in areas with non-breathable airspaces. This is carried out with the help of autonomous breathing protectors, or surface air supply. Free flow of water is ensured through the deposition of the piled up flotsam, garbage and other materials, found in the watercourses.


Watercourse examination

The watercourse section on question can be analysed with the help of modern cameras for this purpose. Thanks to the meter counter, we are able to determine the precise distance, providing us the chance to only do the wrecking at the appropriate area.With this procedure we can have a reliable picture regarding the technical condition of the watercourse or the pipeline, being able to determine the condition, the location and the direction of the fittings. Our clients will be given a documentation, consisting of pictures and videos.


Watercourse construction
Apart from our watercourse construction work, we also offer services that include the construction of gravitywatercourse pipes with different diameters (20 - 160 cm), watercourse networks with vacuum system and  the construction of pumped drainage systems.

Watercourse reconstruction
We also do the reconstruction of aged brick and bauxite watercourses, as well as their the NO DIG technology reconstruction. It is a unique feature of these work processes, that during the reconstrucion we have to ensure that the warecourse network is in continuous operation.


Work in the relics of waste water areas, watercourses, waste water purifiers and waste water management

- repair and replacement of underwater devices
- the replacement of biological purifier ventilators (with continuous operation), in special, industrial diver equipment,
- pipe cleaning (Ø 80 - 4000 mm), with the help of a special tool
- watercourse and industrial watercourse diving services, climbable and walkable main canal
- barring and uniting main and side canals (fix or mobile)
- demolition, survey, cleaning and maintenance of walls
- design of utility watercourse maps (survey and design)
- maintenance of waste water pumping systems