Quality work is guaranteed here. Nothing is impossible for our experts, as they always thrive to find a solution, no matter what difficulties they have to face. We lay high emphasis on the training of our divers and on our tools being up-to-date:

- our company was the first to employ experts with international accreditation
- we hold continuous vocational trainings
- we conduct our practices, based on transparent and clearly defined work processes
- we use up-to-date, safe and environmental tools

We hold industrial diver trainings since 2005. More detailed information on this can be found at the TRANING / INDUSTRIAL DIVER TRANING menu point 2005

Our scope of customers includes the biggest water and water course works and directorates, water plants, water construction and ship companies, but we also had projects of extremely huge volume.

One of our biggest projects involved the rebuilding one of Berlin’s centres, on three locations: PottsdamerPlatz, LehrterBahnhof (Hauptbahnhof) and the area in front of Reichstag. The work was conducted in 0-24, continuous shift, and our company was cooperating with 36 Hungarian divers, together with approximately 200 additional other divers from Europe, in a 15-25 m depth and on a temperature scale of– 10Co to + 35 Co. It took 1.5 year to finish the work,in open dewatering foundation pits (subway tunnel, underground railway trails and pedestrian underpasses). In practice, we had to perform each and every underwater work in this project (concrete engraving, trimming, sludge pumping, welding, formwork, concrete pouring) and our divers performed all the tasks with utmost professionalism and precision.

„Anything that is done on dry LAND can be done underwater as well.”