Búvár Kft. offers SWIFT, ACCURATE and QULITY services, with the help of a knowledgeable group of experts. We work at seemingly impossible locations, where industrial diving or explosive technology is a pre-requisite. Our 40 years of professional know-how and 25 years of company history is a guarantee to quality.

How can we help your company?

We are capable of providing services, linked to industrial diving operations and the application of explosive technology, or even the alloy of the two.

Apart from our two main services, we are also able to provide support with other supplementary work fields.

- Construction and water construction work
- vocational work
- sea fare work
- industrial alpine technology diver training and relating vocational trainings
- industrial diver training and relating vocational trainings

Where do we work?

We have also extended our services to foreign areas. There was already a need for the work of our well-trained experts and modern tools in Europe and outside Europe as well. We are part of IDSA (International Diving Schools Association) and we are also founders of the National Association of Industrial Divers (www.ibosz.org ).
Our company introduced and appliesa QMS (Quality management system) that meets the requirements of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 regulations and OHSAS(Occupational Health and Safety Management System)that meetsthe requirements of MSZ 28001:2008 standards.